Monday, February 23, 2009

Daxton's Birthday party

Coin toss
Ring toss

Hook cupcakes
Pin the treasure chest on the map.

Daxton (The Birthday Boy)

Collin Dax's pirate cake. Jesse and Karley
Karley playing with her Barbie Daxton getting tickled by Josh.

Daxton showing off his new bike and gear. Josh and Jesse putting Dax's bike together.

Papa and Karley.

Jesse and Daxton

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Game Night

Em and I

I gotta say, I just love that girl!!

Me and my big prego belly!

Brigham getting ready to pound the ping-pong ball.

Gotta love the backhand technique!

Last Saturday we hung out with Brigham and Emilee. We started out the night by making the boys dinner. Em and I made lasanga rolls and breadsticks, it turned out so yummy!! After dinner we watched some of the Jazz game. When the game was over we played pool and some other games. It was way fun!