Sunday, July 5, 2009

Acadia Marie Bloxham

After having her here for 8 days we finally named her. It was my turn to name this kid, but every name that I liked my husband didn't. I wanted her to have a unique, but cute name that not every kid in school would have. After having her for 7 days I still didn't have a name for her. The lady at Mckay called the night before wondering if we had named her yet, and told us that we had to have a name by the next day or her birth certificate would be sent to the social security office with the name baby Bloxham on it. I didn't want this to happen,what a pain that would be! I sat down with Nick and told him to give me a few of his favorite names. After hearing his names I told him a few of my favorites and we still couldn't decide on one. At this point I started to get frustrated, so I decided to see what my kids thought. I had them come over and I asked them out of all the names which one like best. When I got to the name Acadia they both yelled Acadia!!! They both had a nickname for her instantly, Daxton's was Kado and Karley's was Kada. I thought that it was cute and since I wanted them to feel involved I went ahead and named her that. I am a little bummed, a few days ago my little brother came up to me and said, "remember when I told you to name her after a car, well you did good, GM just came out with a car called the Acadia". Honestly what is the odds of that happening??? I am sure now that it will start to become popular!!


Here are a few more pictures that were taken at the hospital. I was sad when I found out that you can't have hospital baby pictures taken by the hospital anymore. This picture below is about the closest we came to having one, what a BuMMer!!!

Aunt Ashley and daddy

Uncle Josh

Big Brother

Uncle Jesse and aunt Sheena

Grandma Pam, Karley, Daxton and Baby