Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last night Dax was playing with Acadia and she started exploring his face. She started out playing with his eyes, ears, and nose. After she got bored of the poking and grabbing action she moved on to the attacking action which included her trying to eat his face and trying to pull his ears and nose was so hilarious!! I so loved the noises she was making. It really sounded like she wanted to eat him lol....she was making Dax and I laugh so hard. Dax was such a great sport to let her do that to him. I can't believe what a great big brother he is to her and Karley.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Karley's First Haircut

I took Karley to get her first haircut the other day. I have been wanting to get it cut for some time now, but she had always refused. I guess it is because she wanted long hair like princess I don't know how I got her to finally agree to it, but I am so glad that she did. Her hair isn't so weighed down now and has a lot more curl....Love it!

My little mess maker!

These pictures don't do the water mess justice and were taking after using 3 towels to soak up the water.

Yesterday I was sitting on my bed talking on the phone and I happened to glance into the hallway, to my surprise water was flowing from underneath the bathroom door. Daxton was on the potty and the first thing that came to mind was....oh great he has flooded the toilet! When I finally got him to open the door, I found Karley with a bucket in her hand dumping water on the floor. When I asked why she was doing that she said, "I don't know." I am frustrated, because at least if she would've said I was trying to clean then it would've giving me an excuse not to be mad at her. It was almost like she was doing it for attention or something. I also had just finished laundry and of course now I had another load to do. I guess it is true what people say about a mother's work never being done....cause no matter how hard I try it never gets I swear I just can't keep up with these kids.