Friday, February 26, 2010

Last night I was taking some pictures of Acadia and she kept trying to take my camera from me. She was pretty determined that she was going to get it lol!

This is one of her facial expressions while trying to figure out how to get the camera from me.

Acadia's favorite toy

Acadia loves her Fisher-Price fish bowl. She loves putting the fish in and out of the bowl and throwing the fish across the floor. This toy will keep her entertained forever....Love it!
My kids got new outfits and because my girls outfits were matching, Karley wanted me to take a picture of them all together.

This picture of Acadia is one of my favorites!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daxton's 6th Birthday Party

Every year I let my kids pick what their birthday party theme will be. This year Daxton picked transformer. It never fails he always picks a theme that is harder to find party supplies for. I lucked out with the cake pan and pinata, but everything else that we got for it was a joke to find. Luckily, after much searching I found enough stuff to call it a party.
Oh and just a little advice, never count on someone else to take pictures for you. I was so bummed when I looked through all of my pictures from his birthday. Half of them his head was cut off or had some other thing was wrong with them. Luckily my brother took some good pictures with his camera so I will have to get some from him and add them to this post. Thanks to everyone who helped with it, I really appreciate everything.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentines Dance

One of Nick's former co-workers invited us to a free Valentines dance that her father-inlaws band was playing at . We took the kids and our friends Tim and Chey came with us. We had a lot of fun dancing around with our kids and Acadia loved it and was kicking her legs like crazy...way cute!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Girls night out!

On Saturday Emilee and I had a girls night out, it was a ton of fun! We went shopping and tried on lots of fun clothes then we came back to my house and took some pictures of us with our new stuff...I really had a lot of fun. Robin I wish that you could've came...we missed you. Sorry, I will not be posting any of the pictures of us with our new clothing; because I promised Em that I wouldn'

The circus

My mom and I took the kids to the circus last week. Wow I can't believe that they charge adults $16.00 dollars to get in....I think that is a little high; but at least the kids were free, and we all had fun!