Sunday, November 8, 2009

This year for Halloween Daxton was a Bumble bee transformer, Karley was Ariel and Acadia was a butterfly. The kids had fun treat-or-treating,carving pumpkins, making a haunted gingerbread house, and monster cupcakes. Here were a few of our pictures from that day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Idaho Falls

We went up to Idaho falls a few weeks ago to visit my husband Grandma. We took the kids down to the falls and they love it! We also took them to a really cool park and the had fun playing in the fall leaves and on the playground toys.


I got free tickets to frightmares at lagoon this year, so we decided to go. The kids loved it up until a bat that we thought was a robot jumped out us and scared the living crap out of them!! After that my kids wanted to go home. Daxton is a major scare junky but that did it for him, he didn't even want to go into the haunted houses anymore.

I always can tell when my kids are up to no good. I decided to check on Daxton and Karley because they were being way too quite, so I went down stairs to find Daxton coloring Karley's face with makers. Apparently, they had a "gooder Idea", as Daxton said, and they decided to color Karley's face like a clown. Anyway I was glad to see that the makers were the washable ones and not my permanent ones, and after scrubbing her face and a couple of days to wear off, I am happy to say she's looks like my Karley again.